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Indrajit Latey

Indrajit Latey has worked in the fields of wildlife management and nature tourism for over 20 years. His interest in wildlife was ignited during his childhood years when he spent many summers in Melghat Tiger Reserve in India’s western state of Maharashtra. He later worked as a naturalist for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in Pune, and for six years, he lived and worked as a naturalist in Kanha National Park.

As a naturalist and photographer, he has traveled extensively across India’s tiger and elephant habitats, including famous safari circuits and lesser-known wilderness areas. He seeks to observe the interconnected relationships between plants, birds, trees & ecology to help guests understand our local and global environments’ past, present & future.

Indrajit is at ease in any environment, whether guiding wildlife guests, diving in coral reefs in the Andamans, tracking snow leopards in the Himalayas, or observing spiny-tailed lizards in Rajasthan’s hot deserts.

He is passionate about photography and realized a childhood dream a few years ago when he visited Africa’s Masai Mara and Serengeti as the leader of a group of professional photographers.

In 2017, he used his conservation and wildlife knowledge on a month-long stint to explore the northeastern rainforests of India in a quest to increase his knowledge of this remote and fascinating area.

Indrajit’s inquisitive nature and eagerness to explore and learn make him a phenomenal naturalist who knows how to captivate guests’ interests and keep them spellbound with his wildlife stories.

When Indrajit is not engaged in conservation issues, he enjoys introducing people to what he believes is the most incredible wildlife landscape anywhere—India’s Tiger Land.

Indrajit considers that skills like wildlife tracking, bird language, and land navigation teach you to gather clues, make predictions, and test the assumption for better wildlife experiences.

Indrajit believes that the urban man has lost touch with nature and strongly feels that educating and helping people reconnect with nature will significantly invoke the spirit of awareness and conservation.

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