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Hotel Jardines de Mallku Cueva is a straightforward, rustic, yet cozy Andean hotel close to Lipez’s lakes. The hotel’s unusual style, which includes being carved out of a rock, was inspired by the magnificent desert surroundings and stones of all different sizes. All rooms include hot water-filled private bathrooms and power and heating. Four rooms contain a double bed, while eight have two beds. Due to the region’s emphasis on sustainability, a significant portion of the electricity is generated by solar panels. The rooms are unique for the area, with exposed stone and natural hues that blend very well with the surroundings, despite the modest conveniences. A toasty fireplace in the dining and bar area keeps you comfortable on chilly nights.

The chambers at Mallku Cueva are called after the two brother spirits, who in the local folklore competed for Princess Quimal’s love, but who have now evolved into enormous volcanoes that can be seen from the Lagunas Route.

Despite its distant location, this hotel offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. It is perfectly situated for tourists going from Salar de Uyuni, the largest and highest altitude salt flats, and heading off to explore the lakes, geysers, volcanoes, and rock formations around the Reserve, or vice versa. It is situated between Uyuni and the Eduardo Avaroa Reserve. The hotel wants guests to feel at ease and refreshed between adventures exploring the stunning Bolivian highlands. 

The Bolivian Salt Flats is the world’s most famous salt desert and the largest one. The place lives up to the hype and has incredible spots that can be explored year-round.

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