Kanah Jungle Lodge

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If tranquility is the new meaning of luxury, Kanha Jungle Lodge has plenty of it. You can immediately sense the mist, the scent of the trees, the birds singing, the clear blue skies, and the early morning sun.

This family-run lodge is near the Mukki entrance of Kanha National Park and has a lot to explore on its lush green land. After a nice breakfast, snooze in the afternoon or simply stroll around the lodge area. Sit and read while enjoying coffee. You can relearn who you are through the experience.

Community involvement

Kanha Jungle Lodge’s dedication to helping the community has given countless people better possibilities. Over the years, women from these tribes have been encouraged to leave their homes and get professionally groomed for the hospitality sector. The family’s contribution drive for school supplies, furniture, and books, as well as maintenance of nearby school buildings, continues to support education.

Cooking classes

Dimple takes particular effort in Kanha Jungle Lodge to provide meals high in nutrition and flavor. Dimple painstakingly modified original regional recipes to suit the needs of international travelers. Experience the native culinary classes to discover the unique fruits, spices, and ingredients and return home with fresher regional dishes.

Star Gazing

When night falls at Kanha Jungle Lodge, you find yourself adoringly observing the heavens. With this exclusive stargazing opportunity, you may experience the magic of the night skies that you would otherwise miss in the busy metropolis. Having the choice of “dining under the stars” is a perk.

Cultural pursuits

Baigya and Gond tribal communities’ daily lives are infused with folk music and dance. Visitors can experience the area’s rich legacy by participating in the songs and dances, which are odes to nature.

The ideal safari

A visit to the Kanha National Park, supported by skilled naturalists who accompany you (the Sankhalas are unquestionably the “first family of tigers conservation”), leaves a lasting impression. Fascinating plants and animals are found and displayed to visitors by knowledgeable naturalists. You can later continue your picnic under the refreshing shade of the sal trees.

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