Useful information before visiting Indonesia

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Best time to visit

Traveling to Indonesia during the dry season is the best option! The days are hot dry, and there isn’t a cloud in the sky from May to September. The weather will be ideal for scuba diving, hiking, and relaxing days at the beach.

The wet season in Indonesia runs from October to April, yet it’s still a lovely time to travel across the nation. While there are heavy tropical downpours practically every day, they only last an hour or two and will not ruin your day. If you don’t mind the less-than-ideal weather, you’ll discover lower hotel rates, lower flight fares, and fewer people at popular destinations.

Climates vary in different parts of the country, as they do in any large country, so do your homework before you go!

What to expect

Language: Indonesia’s official language is Indonesian.

Currency: The Indonesian Rupiah is the country’s currency.

Credit Cards and ATMs: In tourist districts, you’ll be able to use your credit card to pay for premium restaurants and lodgings. However, when shopping at the local markets, the merchants only accept cash. Popular tourist locations such as Bali and Jakarta have many ATMs, but machines in more rural places are hard to come by.

Plugs: Type C plugs are used in Indonesia. The standard voltage and frequency are 230 V and 50Hz, respectively. I propose investing in a universal adapter (surge protection) and utilizing a converter for hairdryers and other hot instruments.

Safety: Indonesia is one of the safest Asian countries for solitary female tourists. However, taking additional measures and keeping a watch on your valuables is always a smart idea. You should also avoid buying arak, a locally made alcoholic beverage. Because it may contain toxic methanol, only consume it at reputed pubs and resorts.

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