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Charter and fixed departures

Our Galapagos Fleet

Galapagos offers unparalleled wildlife encounters and diversity. Explore via our upscale 16-guest ships for seamless experiences with no waiting. Enjoy stabilized ships, balcony cabins, top-notch services, and NPE-certified guides. Choose from fixed or chartered expeditions. Contact our experts for personalized advice.

Close Encounters with Wildlife:

Galapagos offers unrivaled wildlife experiences.

Explore by Ship:

Navigating the Galapagos Islands via ship is the optimal way to experience its wonders.

Upscale Small-Ship Fleet:

New Paths Expeditions offers four upscale 16-guest ships for Galapagos, minimizing waiting times.

Expert Guidance:

Certified naturalists and Senior Leaders ensure the best experience.

Flexible Options:

Choose from fixed or charter expeditions. Contact for personalized advice.

“The beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained. Only experienced”.

Find your ideal trip to Galapagos

Antarctica Fly and Cruise

M/V Petrel – 16 Guests

Duration  |  4 to 7 nights

One of our most recent additions to our Galapagos cruises, The M/V Petrel possesses 8 spacious staterooms, all equipped with outdoor balconies, providing the most comfortable experience while exploring the depths of the fantastic Galapagos Islands. Its social areas are featured with extended outdoor balconies and a shaded terrace, perfect for enjoying meals and relaxing.

M/V Elite – 16 Guests

Duration  |  4 to 7 nights

Equipped with 8 golden suites with private outdoor balconies and panoramic sliding glass doors; and remodeled a short time ago, the M/V Elite, is one of our vessels in the Galapagos. It offers modern and big social areas, including a generously portioned sky deck with a whirlpool bath and an exterior bar, perfect to relax after long days of exploring the wonders of the Galapagos.

M/V Ocean Spray – 16 Guests

Duration  |  4 to 7 nights

The M/V Ocean Spray has 8 cozy and spacious suites featuring private outdoor balconies and panoramic sliding glass doors, perfect for not losing any sight of the beautiful Galapagos islands and their impressive fauna. Its social areas include wide rooms fully equipped to give a comfortable experience while dining or while learning about all the activities to be done in this fantastic place. It also has a covered sky deck with a jacuzzi perfect for leisurely evenings.

M/V Endemic – 16 Guests

Duration  |  4 to 7 nights

The Galapagos Endemic is the newest and most opulent cruise ship operating in the Galapagos as of July 8th, 2018. The Galapagos Endemic is the best way to discover the Enchanted Islands in luxury and style. It was designed by a group of skilled shipwrights with input from guides, tour operators, ship captains, and even passengers.



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