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Reward yourself with a once-in-a-lifetime excursion to the Galapagos Islands, which were created by fire. Witness the incredible ability of nature to adapt to its environment through evolution, one of the most significant scientific discoveries in history.

This lonely archipelago of 18 islands and more than 100 tiny islets, located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Pacific Ocean, was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978. Due to its proximity to the equator, volcanic activity, and the influence of three ocean currents (Humboldt, Panama, and Cromwell), the region developed distinctive land and marine ecosystems over four million years.

The steady migration of the Nazca tectonic plate over many ages resulted in generations of volcanic eruptions that formed the Galapagos Islands. These days, every island has a unique landscape, ranging from mountainous regions dotted with shield volcanoes and lava fields to dry areas populated by endemic cacti to stunning white-sand beaches and turquoise oceans. The world’s richest marine biosphere reserve is the group of islands known as the Galapagos.

The extraordinary abundance of indigenous plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world is what truly distinguishes the Galapagos. The Galapagos Islands are home to about 80% of terrestrial birds and mammals, over 90% of reptiles, more than 30% of plants, and roughly 20% of marine species.

“The beauty of the Galapagos can’t be explained. Only experienced”.


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The Ships


The Ocean Spray is one of the best options for experiencing the Galapagos Islands in elegance and will have a modern, remodeled cabin. Ocean Spray was designed with stability and comfort in mind, providing enough room for each guest on board and top-notch amenities.

It offers a spacious, pleasant briefing area where committed; outstanding Naturalist Guides deliver informative lectures and discussions.

All suites on The Ocean Spray will offer beautiful private balconies with sweeping ocean views, convertible beds, and space to relax and take in the islands while navigating. Premium biodegradable amenities, plush bed linens, and natural lighting will be available in every stateroom.

The top deck lounge or the interior dining area will serve as the outside setting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Visitors can take advantage of the sky deck, which offers a whirlpool and cozy daybeds. The Ocean Spray is a great place from which to view wildlife. The vessel is equipped with a library accessible for reading about the Galapagos and Ecuador, and the passenger briefing lounge and social rooms are very roomy.

→ Spacious staterooms

→ Super-structure of 38 meters (124 feet) by 14 meters (46 feet) wide

→ All convertible suites have a king-size bed or two double beds

→ Comfortable social areas feature extended outdoor balconies

→ Shaded terrace for dining

→ Cozy

→ All suites have private outdoor balconies and panoramic sliding glass doors

→ Integrated social areas blend indoor and outdoor design and experience

→ Covered sky deck with whirlpool


The Elite, the newest yacht in the Galapagos, redefines elegance, comfort, and luxury. The Galapagos Elite was created to navigate the enchanted islands’ sapphire waters. It is a sleek, twin-hulled catamaran that offers passengers a smooth, safe ride without the rocking and swaying typical of the older, single-hulled yachts that predominated the island cruise sector for decades.

The Elite’s design provides greater stability and more room for everything on board, including social rooms and gilded suites. The spacious, partially covered sky deck, the charming bar-salon, and the outdoor eating area are all enjoyed by visitors of all ages.

The Galapagos Elite has cutting-edge navigational systems and safety gear because, as with all Galapagos luxury experiences, dependability and safety are paramount.

All Golden Suites onboard the Galapagos Elite are spacious, comfortable, and well–appointed: the perfect place to relax and recharge after a day spent exploring the islands. Each suite has an ocean view and an outdoor balcony, as well as a rainforest–style showers in a private bathroom.

→ Golden Suites

→ Al fresco dining area

→ All suites have private outdoor balconies and panoramic sliding glass doors

→ Adjoining accommodatios available on both decks

→ Two panoramic doors to access the catamaran’s main areas

→ Integrated social areas blend indoor and outdoor design and experiences

→ The sky deck is generously proportioned, featuring a whirlpool bath and exterior bar

→ Cozy exterior and interior bars

→ Super-structure of 38 meters (124 feet) by 14 meters (46 feet) wide

→ All convertible suites: king-size bed or two double beds 

→ Suites restrooms with frosted glass walls for plenty of natural light

→ 180-degree panoramic view from the interior lounge

→ Social areas feature extended outdoor balconies

→ Partially covered sky deck


The Galapagos Endemic is the newest and most opulent cruise ship operating in the Galapagos as of July 8th, 2018. The Galapagos Endemic is the best way to discover the Enchanted Islands in luxury and style. It was designed by a group of skilled shipwrights with input from guides, tour operators, ship captains, and even passengers.

One of our eight opulent panoramic suites, each with a king-sized bed or two twin beds, will be their new home away from home. Each room has a private, roomy bathroom with natural light, a writing desk, a nightstand, and a closet. Each suite also has an outdoor balcony to enjoy the lovely island wind!

→ Panoramic suites & transverse stability

→ Top naturalist guides and crew

→ Open sky lounge & outdoor whirlpool

→ Cruise service officer

→ Wall-to-wall sliding glass doors

→ Kayaks and snorkeling gear

→ Sun terrace and observation platform

→ Spacious, modern, and elegant

→ Outdoor balcony & spacious exterior areas

→ Al fresco dining and bbq areas

→ Great itineraries and visitor points

→ Long and short itineraries available


The M/C Petrel resembles its namesake in a number of ways as it glides over the turquoise waters of the surreal Galapagos islands. It is sleek, quiet, and smooth. The Petrel, a contemporary 16-passenger catamaran specially designed for navigating the Galapagos archipelago, smoothly navigates the islands and ocean currents as its passengers unwind in the roomy and opulent spaces on board. The ship’s 9 spacious staterooms, each with a private bathroom and plush twin or king-size beds, will allow passengers to experience a once-in-a-lifetime vacation in one of the world’s last unspoiled paradises.

The Petrel’s talented kitchen staff and professional chefs make delectable world cuisine and regional Ecuadorian delicacies for guests at every meal, keeping up with the hotel’s opulent amenities and spacious social rooms. On board, there is such a high degree of personalized care that a smorgasbord of delectable sensations is created for every palate and desire. In fact, Golden Galapagos specializes in giving its visitors personalized travel experiences. This means that there is always a knowledgeable multilingual guide on board the Petrel who is ready for inquiries about the islands themselves, their amazing wildlife, and the various activities available, whether it be during excursions or downtime.

→ Suites 3 & 4 and all staterooms feature private balconies

→ Beautiful double hauled

→ Guided expeditions by top naturalist guides

→ Three decks fully dedicated to guests comfort

→ Open areas for al-fresco dining and relaxation

→ Convertible accommodation in all staterooms

→ Long and short itineraries to visit the islands


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