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Indonesia Raja Ampat – Cruise Expedition

Raja Ampat, which translates as “Four Kings,” is a group of limestone karst islands that were formed from a mythical myth and continue to astound and enthrall travelers with their spectacular landscapes that conceal hidden lagoons, bays, and beaches. Raja Ampat allows travelers to choose from thousands of private hideaways while on excursions to see the most biodiverse landscapes on earth. Simply said, you witness a National Geographic moment every day.

World-class wildlife adventures may be held on land and in the water at Raja Ampat. Famous 19th-century naturalist Alfred Russell Wallace has discovered species of the bird of paradise here that are unique to this area of the planet. One of life’s most rewarding wildlife experiences is undoubtedly catching a glimpse of the ethereal beauty of Wilson’s bird of paradise and Red bird of paradise, as well as their captivating behavior. These avian marvels coexist with 350 other bird species, including king parrots and forest kingfishers.


  • Visit Wayag Islands, the most iconic islands in the Raja Ampat area.
  • Dive or snorkel in Cape Kri, a fantastic reef that supports a tremendous number of reef fish.
  • Explore Kabui Bay and discover remote local villages adorned with spectacular caves.
  • Visit the Nature-rich area of Dayang & Birie Island, an absolute birder paradise.
  • Get in touch with locals at Arborek Island, home of a welcoming Papuan community, and dive in search of enormous manta rays.

“Live with no excuses and travel with no regrets” ~ Oscar Wilde


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Itinerary in Brief

Day 1 

Sorong Harbour

Arrive at Sorong to a warm welcome. Private transfer to Swiss- Belhotel Sorong to rest and relax, before embarkation at lunchtime. Board Aqua Blu and cruise to Mioskon Island as dinner is served.

Day 2

Gam Island, Waisai & Kabui

Become aware of Gam Island’s beauty. Trekking at Gam and Waisai in the early morning. On tenders, explore Kabui and Karst in the late afternoon, or go on foot to a nearby town and a bat cave.

Day 3

Cape Kri – Arborek

A short sail will take you to a diving site that holds the world record for the most species seen in a single 90-minute dive after you awake to the sound of birds and walk along Cape Kri’s soft, sandy shoreline. Scuba diving is also incredibly gratifying. Take a supper cruise to Arborek Island.

Day 4


As the sun rises, watch the beauty of Pulau Wayag’s limestone islets and lagoons unfold before your eyes. Before settling into the lagoons and reefs for the day, ascend Mount Pindito for a bird’s-eye view of the breathtaking surroundings and to try to spot rare birds of paradise. A seafood meal by the water follows arrival at Aljui Bay.

Day 5

Aljui Bay & Pulau Pef

Before sailing to Pulau Pef and Yangello for snorkeling and water activities in the late afternoon, visit a pearl farm in Aljui Bay. Onboard our tenders or kayaks, discover secret lagoons and islets of karst limestone. Reach Dayang Island in time for dinner.

Day 6

Dayang Island

Join our guides for a morning hike as you search the lush forest for birds of paradise. Dayang island has a wide variety of aquatic life, particularly manta rays. At Wai, the surrounding reef systems offer fantastic snorkeling opportunities. Explore the stunning reefs and sea-mounts of Tapok and the sunken P47D WW2 fighter plane wreckage if you’re a daring diver.

Day 7

Birie Island

Birie, a collection of islands, bays, and lagoons off the coast of north Batanta, is where you arrive. On the way to the magnificent waterfall in Batanta mainland, it’s important to see the abundance of animals and bays surrounded by mangroves. The ship will make a course for Sorong in the east during dinner.

Day 8

Sorong Harbour

Enjoy a healthy breakfast onboard in Sorong before your outbound flight.

The Ships

Aqua Blu

Aqua Blu is a striking maritime statement with a distinguished history as the former British Naval Explorer HMS Beagle and then as the private yacht of a European aristocratic family. The Dutch yacht design guru Cor D. Rover oversaw a 2019 refurbishment that brought the ship up to world-class cruising standards. When guests step foot aboard this one-of-a-kind cruise ship, they can anticipate experiencing a distinguished sense of history and maritime progress.

Cor has artfully combined a brass-and-ivory interior motif with roomy and welcoming indoor and outdoor communal spaces, including a sun deck, inside the five-deck, 15-suite Aqua Blu.

Aqua Blu’s navy background makes it the ideal vessel to travel the vast seas of East Indonesia since it is faster, further, and more safe and comfortable. The ship has gained the highest international safety standards (RINA, SOLAS, ISM) and has Quantum Zero Speed stabilizers for the best comfort when at anchor or sailing.

The range of Aqua Blu is far superior to that of its rivals in East Indonesia. The ship allows travelers on board to experience the most diverse, enjoyable, and rewarding coastal cruise itineraries in this wild and breathtakingly beautiful corner of the world. It can go great distances in a short time and any sea state.

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