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Africa’s best-kept secret! A complete expedition to the north and south. Gelada Baboons, Simien Mountains, Source of the Blue Nile, Lalibela rock-hewn churches, Meskel Festival, superb endemic birds, and mammals.


  • Gelada Baboons
  • Bale Mountains National Park
  • Simiens Mountains National Park
  • Awash National Park
  • Lalibela Saint Mary Festivity
  • Timkat Festivity
  • Rock-hewn Churches in Lalibela
  • Lake Tana
  • Blue Nile Falls
  • Meeting tribes of the Omo Valley
  • Mago National Park
  • Abijatta-Shalla National Park
  • Chebera-Churchura National Park
  • Lake Ziway
  • Nechisar National Park
  • Senkele Swayne’s Hartebeest Sanctuary


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Time and Weather

Ethiopia shows a great deal of climatic variety, however large numbers of the mainstream vacation spots and stops are situated in the focal and northern good countries, which experience a mild environment. There is an unmistakable Wet and Dry season and most downpour falls among May and September. The remainder of the nation is unique: the tropical west is damp and hot, the parched south is dry and warm, and the Rift Valley is calm to hot and occasionally wet.

The best time to visit

The best ideal opportunity to visit Ethiopia is Sep-April, however especially at one or the flip side of the downpours – in April, when the land is dry and fruitless, or as it thrives again in Sep-Oct. This green season is additionally best for good country untamed life. Downpours renew the Omo Valley even sooner – so travel Nov-Mar or Jun-Sep.


Primate-sweethearts are in for a treat since a few animal varieties are remarkable to Ethiopia. Without a doubt, the most attractive of these endemics are the brilliant maned gelada monkey. The uncommon hamadryas monkey lives close by the more inescapable olive mandrill in Awash NP. Bundle Mountains NP is one of many spots where you’ll have the option to see the aerobatic, highly contrasting colobus monkey, and it is additionally home to the as-of-late found Bale monkey.

Our Ethiopia Expeditions

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Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill

Eastern Yellow-billed Hornbill also nicknamed “flying banana” because of its beak Physical Eastern yellow-billed hornbills have black wings with white spotted wing-coverts. They have a black tail and large yellow beak with slight casque. They have black, bare skin...

Ethiopia Expedition Reviews

Ethiopia Expedition Reviews

“I never once in my life dreamed of going to Ethiopia. A cancelled trip and a timely email changed that at the last minute, and it turned out to be one of the best trips of my life. New Paths Expeditions showed us the many faces of this country: the vibrant city of...

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Guest Comments

“After 20 years of traveling, we never learned so much and had as much fun as with you guys!” 

– Jack N. Douglas, CO

“Patagonia and Morocco were spectacular! We’ve just never had such wonderful travel experiences as with New Paths. We will get around praising you!” 

– Harriet T. Saugerties, NY


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