Discover Papua New Guinea’s Avian Wonders: A Birdwatching Adventure Guide with New Paths Expeditions

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Embark on an extraordinary birdwatching escapade in Papua New Guinea, an island nation teeming with avian treasures waiting to be discovered. Renowned for its extraordinary biodiversity, Papua New Guinea is home to a stunning array of unique bird species, many of which are found nowhere else on Earth. With New Paths Expeditions, immerse yourself in this veritable paradise for bird enthusiasts, explore remarkable habitats, and savor unforgettable encounters with the island’s fascinating and diverse winged inhabitants.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll unveil Papua New Guinea’s most captivating bird species, the prime birdwatching locations, and expert tips to ensure a successful and memorable adventure. Join New Paths Expeditions on a journey into the wild and uncover the vibrant and colorful world of Papua New Guinea’s avian wonders, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

1. Unveiling Papua New Guinea’s Dazzling Bird Species

With over 800 identified bird species, Papua New Guinea is a treasure trove for bird enthusiasts. Boasting a diverse array of unique avian inhabitants, the island nation is particularly famous for its enigmatic birds-of-paradise. In this section, we’ll highlight some of the most captivating species you’ll encounter on your New Paths Expeditions birdwatching adventure

Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise

This iconic species is known for its brilliant red plumage and elaborate courtship displays. Males gather at traditional leks (display sites) to attract females with their impressive plumage and dance routines.

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

The world’s largest pigeon species, the Victoria Crowned Pigeon, showcases the region’s exceptional biodiversity. This remarkable blue bird, adorned with a regal crest, can be found roaming the lowland forests of Papua New Guinea.

Papuan Hornbill

Easily identifiable by its striking casque and curved bill, the Papuan Hornbill is an arboreal species, observed in the island’s lowland and hill forests. Males sport an attractive black and white plumage, whereas females don a simpler black feather coat.

2. Prime Birdwatching Locations in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea offers a diverse range of habitats and ecosystems, each home to unique bird species. Your New Paths Expeditions birdwatching adventure will take you to the following unmissable locations.

Varirata National Park

Located near the capital city of Port Moresby, Varirata National Park is the largest park in the country, protecting an impressive variety of lowland and montane forests. Here, you’ll be able to spot species such as the Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise, Pesquet’s Parrot, and the Yellow-billed Kingfisher.

Ambua Lodge and Tari Highlands

The Tari Highlands, home to the renowned Ambua Lodge, is a must-visit location for avid birdwatchers. The lodge’s surrounding montane forests harbor a wealth of endemic species such as the King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise, Blue Bird-of-Paradise, and the stunning Stephanie’s Astrapia.

Kumul Lodge and Mount Hagen

Situated in the Western Highlands Province, Kumul Lodge and the nearby Mount Hagen present exceptional opportunities for birdwatching in the highlands habitat. Here, you’ll be able to spot rare species such as the Ribbon-tailed Astrapia, Superb Bird-of-Paradise, and the Benguet Eagle.

3. Expert Birdwatching Tips for Your Papua New Guinea Adventure

To ensure an unforgettable and successful birdwatching journey in Papua New Guinea, consider the following expert tips from our experienced guides at New Paths Expeditions.

Pack the Essentials

A quality pair of binoculars is essential for bringing your bird sightings into clear focus. A spotting scope can be beneficial for observing intricate details but can be more cumbersome to transport. Additionally, a field guide or a bird app will assist you in identifying species.

Timing is Key

Birds are most active in the early morning or late afternoon, so plan your birdwatching excursions accordingly. The transitional periods of dawn and dusk are excellent opportunities to observe numerous species, particularly birds of paradise.

Stay Attuned to Your Surroundings

Listen carefully to birdcalls and songs, which can often lead you to elusive species. Be patient and take your time; by remaining stationary and quiet, you increase your chances of observing otherwise shy or skittish birds.

Hire a Local Guide

Our knowledgeable local guides at New Paths Expeditions have vast experience in identifying birds and deciphering their vocalizations. With their help, you are more likely to spot rare and endemic species, as well as gain insight into the unique local avifauna.

4. Complementing Your Birdwatching Adventure with Cultural Experiences

Beyond birdwatching, Papua New Guinea offers a wealth of cultural experiences and encounters. Make the most of your New Paths Expeditions journey by immersing yourself in the island’s rich customs and traditions.

Partake in a Sing-sing

Papua New Guinea’s vibrant cultural festivals, known as sing-sings, allow guests to experience traditional dance, music, and colorful attire. The Huli Wigmen of the Tari Highlands are particularly recognized for their elaborate headdresses and face paintings, while the Asaro Mudmen partake in unique rituals wearing clay masks.

Visit Tribal Villages

With more than 800 languages and countless ethnic groups, Papua New Guinea is a melting pot of diverse tribal customs. Visiting tribal villages with New Paths Expeditions presents an unparalleled opportunity to learn about traditional lifestyles, witness local craftsmanship, and interact with the welcoming people of Papua New Guinea.

Explore the History of the Kokoda Trail

The Kokoda Track, stretching nearly 60 miles through rugged terrain, is a significant historical and cultural site. Utilized by Australian and Japanese forces during World War II, the trail offers an in-depth look into the island’s military history while presenting opportunities for birdwatching and trekking amidst lush rainforests.


Papua New Guinea offers a truly unparalleled birdwatching adventure — showcasing the island’s remarkable avian diversity, mesmerizing landscapes, and captivating cultural encounters. With New Paths Expeditions, delve deep into the world of the region’s captivating winged inhabitants and create lifelong memories along the way.

Are you ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Visit New Paths Expeditions to book your bespoke 2024 Papua New Guinea expedition, and let our expert team customize the perfect journey tailored to your interests and passions. Don’t miss your chance to witness the breathtaking beauty of Papua New Guinea’s unique avian species and immerse yourself in the island’s rich and enchanting culture.

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