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Colombia’s variety extends tropical plains to mountain summits, coffee fields, stunning museums, ancient history, and natural wonders. NPE allows you to discover Colombia’s treasures while being guided by excellent locals and staying in beautiful lodgings.

Colombia is tropical, yet the Andes and the Pacific and Caribbean coasts provide plenty of height differences. This diversity of habitats supports approximately 2,000 bird species, accounting for nearly 20% of the world’s total in just 1% of the continent. Naturists are continually finding new species by publishing records regularly. 

The land is home to 46.3 million Spanish speakers (plus various indigenous languages) and cities where ancient secrets come to life. In Cartagena, marvel at a walled historic 16th-century town that appears to have been undisturbed by time. UNESCO describes Mompox as «a pure sample of Spanish colonial architecture in the New World.» And California is renowned as the world’s salsa music center. Where people dance on the streets, and clubs stay open until the early morning hours. Meanwhile, the northeastern side of Yopal is considered a Colombian Safari. 

Bogota, Colombia’s capital, is nestled at the height of 866 feet in the Andes, brimming with life, world-class restaurants, sophisticated shopping, botanical gardens, planetarium, and gold museum covers everything from literature and history to culture, science, and art. 

Colombians are keen to show off the country’s biological, cultural, ethnic, and gastronomic richness. They have a unique blend of ethnic cultures ranging from Spanish settlers to indigenous African roots. This same combination results in some of the handsome and most attractive people on the planet. The locals are amiable and welcoming to foreign travelers.

In some respects, Colombia tourism is still in its infancy, yet it is quickly increasing. As a result, you benefit from being ahead of the tourism crowd while still having a well-developed infrastructure and excellent international airline links. However, because the Amazon basin encompasses one-third of the country, it is easy to explore and spot animals away from the towns. The Andes Mountains also extend into Colombia, providing trekking possibilities along the spine.

Most guests, and understandably so, make time to go north to the Caribbean for some sun. The walled city of Cartagena, only a stone’s throw from the shore, is South America’s largest Spanish colonial port. A few hours east, the less beautiful Santa Marta and fishing hamlet of Taganga are close to Parque Nacional Tayrona, which has unrivaled gorgeous sandy beaches. Both are also excellent starting points for a five-day walk to the ancient ruins of La Ciudad Perdida or the Lost City.

The isolated Caribbean islands of San Andrés and Providencia, almost un-Colombian in feel, both offer superb diving, crystal-clear seas, and – notably in the case of Providencia – a unique Raizal culture.

As you travel north from Bogotá over the Andes to Bucaramanga, beautiful colonial communities such as Villa de Leyva give way to more tropical, river-fed adventure tourism hotspots like San Gil.

Colombia’s Amazon foothold, centered in Leticia, may not be as well known as Peru’s or Brazil’s, but it provides a piece of wild adventure and a gateway into neighboring nations. The southwest, near Popayán, has some spectacular landscape and colossal stone statues and burial chambers from the lost cultures of San Agustin and Tierradentro.

Whatever wonders you visit, you’ll see them in unparalleled luxury, with first-class service and experienced local guides – all NPE’s trademark. Join our small-group adventure or design the trip of a lifetime. Get in touch with a professional expedition specialist by emailing, and start planning your adventure now.


  • The Plains
  • The Sierra Nevada of San Marta
  • El Dorado 
  • Cartagena
  • Bogota
  • Coffee grower’s zone


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Time and Weather

Due to its near to the Equator, the weather in Colombia is not heavily impacted by seasons, and the time of year makes little difference in terms of weather. The altitude of the areas you visit, rather than the time of year, makes the most difference in Colombia weather, implying that Colombia is a lovely nation to visit at any time of year. There is a wide diversity of places and climates from the Caribbean to the Pacific. From high mountains to deep river valleys, there is a wide diversity of locations and environments to explore.

Colombia has the driest weather, with less frequent rainfall, from December to March. Even if a few rain showers fall during the day, the weather will soon clear, blue sky will appear, and the mild temperature will stay constant.

Easter is often one of the rainiest times of year in the Andes, including Bogota and the Coffee Country. Rainfall on the Caribbean Coast begins a little later than in the Andes, in May. The weather doesn’t make much of a difference when out exploring on the shore because the temperature is warm, and a sudden shower isn’t a terrible thing to break the heat. Higher altitudes, such as Bogotá or Villa de Leyva, on a wet day, might seem cold. This is also one of the soaking periods of the year in the Coffee Country, while temperatures are pleasant at approximately 26°C / 79°F throughout the day.

The best time to visit

The ideal time to visit Colombia is defined by the region you intend to visit. Weather fluctuations are regulated more by geography than by clearly defined seasons.

The primary distinctions are between the highlands and the lowlands. At the highlands, evenings may turn cold in higher altitude places. The lowlands have a tropical climate all year, with little temperature change; however, more frequent rain showers will be visible in the rainier months of April to June and again in October and November.

Conclude, Colombia is a year-round resort, especially near the Caribbean coast, where temperatures hover around 33°C, and in Medellin, mild, dry weather prevails for practically the whole year, with temperatures ranging from 26°C to 28°C.


While in Colombia, you are likely to see a wide variety of birds and wildlife. A 5-6 hour ride northeast of Yopal takes the explorer to a «Colombian Safari» at a traditional 16,000-acre ranch or «hato,» with 10,000 acres designated as a wildlife preserve named as «Hato La Aurora.» This hato is home to around 350 kinds of birds, 42,000 capybaras, and 2500 deer.

Streams, rivers, and gallery forests cut through open savannas, studded with savanna forests and the occasional lagoon filled with capybaras, spectacled caimans, spoonbills, ducks, geese, and herons—a genuine, rural experience, located in the middle of nowhere.

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