Refugio Caiman / Caiman Lodge – Pantanal

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With the best lodging and visitor experiences in the Pantanal, Caiman has long been acknowledged as the industry’s pioneer. The Oncafari jaguar habituation project, which last year allowed 98 percent of visitors to see at least one jaguar during their visit, is the most well-known example of how this 53,000-hectare private reserve seamlessly combines cattle ranching and cutting-edge conservation.

The opening of Caiman Lodge, which offers 18 opulent boutique suites surrounded by extensive gardens and equipped with a swimming pool and gym, has recently expanded Caiman’s lodging options. The Casa Caiman’s public spaces include a dining room, living room, courtyard, swimming pool, deck facing the bay, and hammock area.

Guided daylight and nighttime vehicle safaris, nature hikes, and canoe excursions help visitors learn about the breathtaking surroundings and wildlife. Recently, horseback riding led by the community of cowboys in the area has been added to the list of available experiences. A 5,600-acre Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony (RPPN) and a permanent residents’ village for lodge and ranch staff members and their families are also located on the reserve.

What is an RPPN?

A Private Reserve of Natural Patrimony is an area that has been voluntarily conserved by private parties who own land with the ability to preserve the natural environment. The Brazilian government accepts it. Once classified, the area cannot be used for anything other than preservation, and its RPPN status is permanent.

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