7 must-do in India

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Feast on delicious Indian food

Outside of the city’s hotels and restaurants, most of India’s greatest food can be found. Try delectable pav bhajis, a traditional vegetable dish served with a bread bun, on the streets of Mumbai. In Delhi’s Chandi Chowk, you may get fresh parathas (Indian flatbreads).

Depending on the location you’re visiting, you’ll sample a variety of Indian curries in terms of cuisine. Biryani in Hyderabad, Rajasthani spicy meat curries, and Ladakh’s thukpa (noodle soup). Mildly spiced vegetarian and seafood curries are served fresh on banana leaves in southern India.

Meet locals

Leave the busy streets behind and explore the twisting backstreets on foot or by bike to learn about the people who live there. Cycle around rural Rajasthani villages to gain a firsthand look at the region’s daily life. On a walking tour of this region’s ancient cities, isolated villages, hills, and deserts, you may uncover hidden attractions and active street life in Agra and Jaipur.

Visit a festival

Because of India’s active calendar of events and festivals, you’ll find plenty of color and joy wherever you go. Every November, hundreds of thousands of people assemble on the outskirts of the Thar Desert for the Pushkar camel fair to sell camels, livestock, and horses.

Spend two days in Nagaland at the Hornbill Festival. Tribes conduct traditional dances and folk melodies during extravagant attire and jewelry. They wear headdresses that replicate the hornbill’s colorful feathers, the state bird that the tribes adore for its magnificent plumage.

Go on a train ride

In India, train travels are synonymous with travel, and its rail operations are world-renowned for their scope and efficiency. On our Kolkata to Amritsar train excursion, witness the Himalayan Foothills from the window of the Toy Rail, or tour the sights of North India by train.

Visit a temple

It is hard to visit India without viewing some of its most iconic temples. With over two million temples, you’ll come across beautiful structures in India no matter where you go.

Relax by the coast

While India isn’t famed for its beaches, its west coast has lots to offer. The sandy beaches of Goa and the crescents of Kovalam are among India’s most outstanding beaches. Alternatively, why not extend your journey to India and visit the pristine beaches of Sri Lanka or the Maldives?

Sail along the Ganges

Join a Ganges River tour to see the villagers that line this holy river’s banks perform their daily rituals. Travel by traditional sailboat across the timeless scenery of the Ganges and pitch your tent on the river’s beaches—a memorable experience.


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