9 tips before visiting Bhutan

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Bhutan is a well-known destination because of its monasteries, landscapes, and culture. But, what else should we expect from this beautiful country? Here is a list of 9 useful tips to ensure a top-notch visit to Bhutan.

Travel During Festival Celebration

Bhutan is recognized across the globe for its rich culture. There is no better time to visit Bhutan than during one of its festivals. The Tshechu Festival in Thimphu, the Jambay Lhakhang Drup Festival in Jambay, and the Paro Tshechu Festival are among Bhutan’s most colorful celebrations. One of the best travel recommendations for Bhutan is for everyone to schedule their holiday to attend at least one festival.

Learn A Few Phrases In Dzongkha

Dzongkha is Bhutan’s official language, and while English-speaking guides and drivers are easy to come by, knowing a little Dzongkha can help you communicate with locals and businesses. It will not only assist you in communicating with people but also in understanding Bhutanese culture.

Don’t Forget Woolens And Shrugs At Home.

Bhutan’s weather may be fickle at times, and carrying woolens in your rucksack will protect you from a sudden dip in temperature. You may have to hurry out and get some for yourself if not. Additionally, because the locals dress modestly, it is recommended that you pack clothing appropriate for the country’s culture.

Buy Handicrafts But Not Antiques

Bhutan closely regulates antique exports and restricts them. So don’t do that if you don’t want to get penalized. Handicrafts are available for purchase in local markets, where traders offer low prices. This is one of the most significant Bhutan travel advice since many people are ignorant of the prohibition on carrying antiquities.

Selling And Buying Tobacco Products Is Illegal Too

Bhutan does not appreciate tobacco! So, if you’re attempting to buy or sell tobacco goods in this city, you’re setting yourself up for a major headache. However, you may only bring in 200 cigarettes after paying the tax and a 200 percent import fee.

The Government imposes a minimum daily spending package.

Bhutan travel costs are set by the Government, which keeps a careful eye on visitors positively. When visiting the Kingdom, travelers are obligated to spend a certain amount of money. Depending on the month you go, the fee ranges from $200 to $250 for a party of three or more travelers. The price includes lodging, food, a guide, and transportation, among other things. Before your arrival, you must be paid the sum in USD.

US Dollars Are Accepted, And Also Indian Rupees

Another of our must-know Bhutan tidbits concerns the money. Then there’s the local currency, which you may pay in USD or INR. So you don’t have to be concerned, especially if you’re planning a last-minute vacation or have run out of local money in Bhutan.

Don’t Disrespect The Royal Family.

Bhutanese people see their rulers as gods who have come to earth. They don’t like it when their religious beliefs and figures are mocked, and they don’t like it when the Nepali problem from the 1990s is brought up. As a result, be sure you don’t make any kind of mockery of them. Also, when visiting temples and historical sites in Bhutan, dress appropriately.

Try Your Hands On Dha (Archery)

Bhutan’s national sport is Dha. Dha, or archery, is an intriguing pastime to attempt when visiting Bhutan. You may watch one of the bouts in Paro if you don’t feel like attempting it on your own. If you have the chance to witness a Dha match, we can ensure that you will never forget the experience.


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